Date number two.. Outfit sound ok?

We're going to hang out at the park or walk around.. Ok here it is: Black and yellow (there isn't much yellow on the T shirt) transformers t-shirt with a black skirt (high waisted) nude colored knit tights and a blue zip up hoodie.. Does it sound too.. formal or anything? The skirt is not fitted it is semi flowy..
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It's about 10-20 degrees C by the way


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  • Too formal? Since when is a "hoodie" and t-shirt considered formal?

    But I would say it's fine to wear walking around the park

    • Well more the skirt.. I've always (for some reason) thought they were really formal XD

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    • You're welcome! For going out in the park I say go for it. If you were going to say, an opera, absolutely not. :o)

    • Hahaha!! I know how to dress THAT formal but I think 'cause my parents made me wear skirts for formal occasions that I now see them as formal XD

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  • Nope, not to formal at all sounds very nice.


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