I'm in a bet to see who will grow their hair out longer with a friend and I don't want to look really bad so how can I make my hair look presentable?

My hair grows into an afro and its getting to the point where it is almost 6 inches and tookng to be a fro so its a mess. I'm not losing this bet so I want to make it look presentable. I am using a head band now to keep it out of my eyes cause if I don't I can't see. Is there a better way to make my hair look presentable. Normally may hair is short like in my profile pic so I'm not used to long hair.


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  • Buy straightners, flattening your hair out will look neater, and longer, win win. ;^)

    • So much work lol IDC about the money I just want bragging rights. Oh well the head band look is bad so inhave ti do something I don't know why I took this bet.

    • Straightening it will make it look longer, and hopefully help you win the bet, then after straightening tie in a pony tail at base of neck. Sorted.

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  • A good barber could style it for you without cutting it

    • That's the on the head band idea is getting bad lol.

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