What does it mean when a guy doesn't make eye contact with you?

when I first met him I said hi told him my name. Then he told me his and then we both walked off. Then like when I was at the microwave his friends came close to me and I guess they were talking but he was standing right behind me. Then like one day I said hi to him he looked at me dead in the eye said hi then looked at my lower half of my body because my friend was fixing my corset xD and kept traveling with his friends. Then the next day when he was alone I said hi and he said hi back and before that I could of sworn that when I said hi to my friend he said hi to me which is why I said hi to him in the first place because I was just gonna walk off xD but yeap help? oh and sometimes when he says hi I feel like he doesn't feel like talking to me which is also another reason why I wasn't going to say hi to him. help? xD

lmao answer plz
i'm not fat btw xD


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