One piece or tankini? I don't now which one to go with. I need opinions from both guys and girls please :)?

My boyfriend and I are heading to Clearwater Beach down in Florida for a month and I want to include something with my bikini. I'm trying to decide between a sexy one piece with a low cut back and bow shaped cutouts up the sides, or a thong tankini with a low neckline. He likes them both but I only want to buy one or the other.
  • sexy one piece
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  • thong tankini
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  • give him what he wants and buy both
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What Guys Said 1

  • Honestly, wear what you are comfortable with. Otherwise you will spend the entire time you are at the beach hiding behind your towel and wondering if you are hanging out in the wrong places. Your bf likes your body and figures you can pull it off, but honestly he should have to taken into consideration what you are comfortable with. As a guy Im not a fan of thongs really.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ew don't wear a thong tankini

    • He picked it out and I agreed to try it because I love him. But I will DIE before I wear that... THING out in public :p

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