What can I do to look attractive? Girls please give your opinion?

I am not a good looking guy. My skin is dark and my size is average. I want to look attractive and handsome. I will do anything for it...


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  • Work out. No need to look like the rock, but being fit can be a big plus
    Pay attention to what you're wearing, most girls aren't really into the dork or the hobo style.
    Shower daily, use deodorant and cologne if you feel like it, not a necessity.
    Try to keep a positive attitude no matter what, a smile on a guy's face is always for inviting than a frown.

    Those were just the physical things. The way you carry yourself is much more important imo. Be open-minded, talkative, friendly... A good sense of humor is very attractive too, but that's subjective. Also - do things. If you can talk about some cool hobbys you do, you will seem much more interesting and therefore also more attractive.

    Hope I was at least little bit helpful :)


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  • 1.) Exercise, stay trim: You don't need to be bulky in most cases but try to do some "strength" training and cardio.
    2.) Take care of your hygiene: Invest in skin care and hygiene products (brush your teeth).
    3.) Grooming: A good haircut helps with attracting women, good body spray/cologne, and clothing that shows you care about how you present yourself.
    4.) Sleep: Preferrably face up
    5.) BE CONFIDENT, ; )
    You are a unique man, no one else is like you so take pride in that!!!


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  • Be yourself! I think that's the most attractive thing no matter how you look as long add your being yourself. Don't try to be someone your not because then your just gonna look awkward. And there will be someone out there who will like who you are now and that finds you attractive. Just do you. :-)

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