I have black hair and a Marilyn Monroe haircut and I am 14. what type of clothes fits me best?

what type of clothes fits me best without looking like i am an adult and clothes that gets me comfortable and not make me look like a lady because i am not girly but my mother insisted that if i want to cut my hair it will be that long.
any advice? i wanted to cut it shorter because it's more practical but this is the shortest i can get. i don't know the types of clothes so put me a link to them. i only know the words: shirt, shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, tank tops.


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  • a hairstyle isn't much to go on with regards to dressing you. Do you like dresses? Just stick with pretty tea dresses, or, if you like the Marilyn Monroe look go for some nice 50's style summer dresses, classy yet not revealing but also comfortable.


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