Vagabond shoes - do you own a pair? How do you like them?

I was thinking boots in particular.
Their ballet flats are a bit crude and not as soft as they should be... and they're not cheap so...
Are the boots worth it?

Lace up boots. =)
  • Extremely comfortable for long periods of time - get them!
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  • Not comfortable for long periods of time - DO NOT get them!
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  • I just think it's funny these are called vagabond shoes and yet are probably at least $100

    But they are probably just as comfortable as regular boots

    • They are called like that because it's the brand... O. o

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    • Hahaha not offended at all... Calm down. xD
      And it's morning here. xD

    • technically morning here too (3am) but I haven't slept yet :) goodmorning then, my dear

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