What will my hair end up like if I just grow it out straight from a buzz cut?

No styling or haircut or anything in between. If I just grew it right out from all being the same length, how would it end up? Pics would be helpful, of course.


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  • Good evening sir! I grew my hair from a buzz cut until it was resting on my shoulders. It took from about November to September. I don't have any pictures, but remember that it's different from person to person. The first thing I would do is just ask people if they think you would look good with long hair and maybe visit a stylist or something. Just keep in mind the good and bad things that come with having long hair.


    Congratulations you may now headbang!

    Women now seem to have a fascination with touching your hair...

    You'll be more noticeable (This is good unless your hair looks bad)

    You can cut it if you don't want it anymore

    You may donate your hair to a person afflicted with cancer


    Depending on the length of your hair, you might get mistaken for a girl.

    You gotta keep the beast clean!

    Your hair now has to dry.

    If your hair is really long, you'll notice it when you try and sleep.

    It gets messed up.

    It gets caught in things (I have to be careful when I roll up my car window).

    And basically just a bunch of little things...

    • Haha thanks for the info. Does it end up looking really messy if you don't bother getting it styled in any particular way or does it turn out fine?