I'm having a bit of an Identity Crisis?

I was going to link a picture but y'all can just use my DP, and I'll update later if you need a better photo.

BUT It's that time of year again where I get bored with my appearance and, this time, not quite enough money to get the tattoo I want so I'm settling for dying my hair.

It has to be natural colors, per place of employment rules, but what color do y'all think I should dye it? I recently (june-july) dyed it red, then back to brown.
... anymore input? kind of time sensitive, looking to do it tonight.
went with red




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  • I have purple hair and in the long run up you are going to spend a ton more on hair than a tattoo. Because you will have to get your roots done about every month and it will cost a TON. If u are still going to dye it I would do purple, white or teal though. Hope I Gould help

    • i mean.. i said it had to be natural. and i've dyed my hair before, so i know the process. but thanks!

    • Oops my bad. I think that a nice really blonde blonde would look good

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  • Holy crap you're beautiful 10!!! I dont say that about anyone on here. id go either jet black or like put highlights in it if ya can.

  • You would look amazing with black hair. Just saying.

  • I just saw bewbs.

  • Jet black is always a safe option.

    • true! i am REALLY pale though, I'm not sure if I want to highlight that :p

    • I think it would look very nice on you. You can also add some blonde or brown highlights if you want.

    • hmm, i might do it. it's been awhile since i've gone with a black color, red seems to be my main go-to lately. it'll be nice to switch it up.

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