This is a stupid question but what pants should I wear?

Where I'm from it's jeans. Business casual or working you might ask? Dark jeans. Yard work? Light jeans. Everyone wears jeans. Now I am working on expanding my wardrobe and I have no idea what sort of pants to people wear normally?

hint hint? No jeans.


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  • I think you need, at least two different styles of jeans and a light, med, and dark wash. A pair of black trousers, kaki slacks or trousers, grey trousers. That should be a good start.

    • what brands of trousers do you like to wear? And what are the differences between those and slacks? I have plenty of jeans.

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  • Wear long, old skirts. Like those imaginary old women. GO VINTAGE

  • Chinos are the best !!

  • totally stupid indeed LOL

    • So now that you're done being an ass, any suggestions?

    • LOL even you admit that your question was stupid in the title... but anyway choose whatever you desire, why you sk other people?

    • because, like I said in the explanation, everyone where I'm from wears jeans, and when you ask people what to wear, everyone always says jeans. I have jeans, I don't want more.

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