Girls do you like guys who wear rings (everything except wedding rings)?

sometimes i wear sometimes not. but i will NEVER NEVER NEVER wear a wedding ring LOL

so do you like guys who wear rings?
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  • It makes a small difference but yes :) And never say never..:SS

    • i'm positive about this actually that it will never happen LOL. after all it depends on my choice and only

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    • @performerwannabe actually i was thinking about it for years but i ended up with that desicion XD

    • Actually I think you're quiet young to take such decisions. But it's OK. Opinions are opinions :)

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  • i'm fine with it

  • Lol I would never wear a wedding ring and I wanna get married. Nah, I don't like rings on myself or guys.

    • reallly? yeah glad i'm not the only one who doesn't want to marry!!!

    • lmao you read my answer wrong

    • oops sorry... damn. anyway i will always be an enemy against marriage!! ALWAYS!!!

  • Now are we talking Flava Flav rings or just rings in general?


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