What is all this mess about dress codes in schools?

My thing is if u have the body for it then u should be able to wear what u want and if u don't have the body for it then u shouldn't be wearing it anyway!! So my thing is as long as its not showing your lady parts or men parts who cares or any bad words on clothing


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  • Because teenagers are retarded creatures. Give them a boundary, and they will push on that boundary as much as they can. Having a fairly conservative baseline leaves ample room for forgiveness when kids starts pushing the rules.

    • But they are doing this to even kindergarten children to

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    • So essentially what you're saying is that if you have a hot body, you should be able to wear revealing clothes?

    • No what I'm saying is people should be able to wear clothing based on their body type if u are bigger than u should be then don't wear booty shorts if u have a big stomach then don't show it but for girls who don't have huge boobs that hang out what's wrong with a tank top or short shorts as long as your butt is not showing like a girl that can fit on a size three or four should not be wearing close that a girl who wears size 16 or 20 and vice versa

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  • To teach them how they should dress for work.
    It's more respectful to them and to others.

    • Maybe so but its hard to be cute when they want to conform u and not let u be who u are. That should be a statement of expression

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    • Well its private school they have to pay to go there so if they can afford the school they can afford gear

    • Okay, well, what about the parents who are frugal? Eh?

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  • as far as I know we didn't have any dress code in our school. ok if you show up in see through dress or thong bikini then I'm sure the teacher would have sent you home but there were no rules like "the skirt as to be at least xx cm long" or "don't wear leggings as pants" etc. and it worked just fine.

    probably depends on the country you live


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