How much can I sell a second hand authentic Sherri Hill dress for?

I bought an authentic Sherri Hill dress for AUD800 (postage included)
and I've only worn it once, and even dry cleaned it. How much would you buy it for? I was thinking AUD650-AUD700.. is that too much?


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  • hmm well i think the prices you listed are quite reasonable. makes perfect sense because of the care youv taken with it and u have only worn it once. just make sure that when ur selling u say every single little detail so the buyer knows exactly what theyre getting.

    • so you would buy it for $650-$700?
      also since you're in Australia too, can you recommend a site i can put it up? i find ebay a bit dodgy.. i was thinking gumtree maybe? any suggestions?

    • if i loved it that much then yes i would.
      i mean think about it. ur market is someone who is looking for that label in particular, so theyv clearly got the cash. ebay is the most well known site here, so you'd get more buyers, but if u want to go with gumtree thats a good idea too.

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