Skin-tight running shorts over running tights?

Is it okay to wear skin-tight running shorts on (over) the running tights? So will look like Superman. Im 21 year old skinny guy.
I wanna go jogging. Can i do this without people thinking "gay" ?


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  • like compression shorts? people wear those all the time when they are working out no big deal. And you shouldn't worry about people thinking you look "gay." If they think they know your sexual preferences based on what you're wearing then they are probably bigoted assholes anyway. People who are LGBTQ come in all shapes, sizes, and outfits. SO basically what i'm trying to say is, you should wear whatever you wanna wear, whenever you want to wear it and not worry what a random stranger thinks of you.

    • I donĀ“t know how this is called but yeah. Kinda like compression shorts (tights) over running (long) tights.

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  • It just looks like you're exercising...

    • What you mean just exercising?

    • Running/jogging etc...

  • They'll just think you're one of those weird, fit people who actually LIKES to exercise.

    • In fact it feels so good when wearing skin-tight tights over skin-tight tights. Feels so good. Because Temperature is outside only +4, with cold weather tights will go tighter on legs. I like girls but i really love doing like that. Well i gonna do this front of my teenagers guys class (wearing tights) tomorrow.

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