Is it possible for someone to look much worse in person, than in photos?

So I'm always told that I'm 'quite good looking' when people see my pictures. But when they meet me in person, I can see that they clearly don't feel that way. I mean... they say stuff like "you look so different in your pics", but its obvious that they mean to say i look worse in person.

I don't use any kind of editing or effects in my pics (except perhaps a bit of brightening, in case of dark pics).

So, is this actually true, or am i just over thinking? Ad have any of you been told the same?
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  • Yep, photography isn't called an art for for nothing. You can use a camera and lighting to get most of the effects in photoshop and light room anyways. If you can take a good picture, you don't really need photo editing.

    It doesn't mean you look better in a picture, it just means you look incredibly different.

    • Thanks for your response!

      My pics weren't clicked by a professional. Its usually my younger brother who clicks my pics, and he's actually a pretty poor photographer.

    • A crappy photo can change your look to. Lols, I was just assuming you set everything up nicely.

    • Actually he's just an 'aim and shoot' kind of photographer, and is too impatient to set things up or make any changes to the default camera settings!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah it happens often. Its worse when you look better in person than you look in pictures.

    • How is that worse?

    • Ops yeah i said it wrong its not as bad. But yeah, it still sucks either way.

    • Lol yeah!

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  • You see many models that are not good looking but they are photogenic. They come out gorgeous in photos but in real life they don't look so pretty. It's all about the right angles, the lightning and the photographer. Oh and maybe you get too anxious, distant or reserved when you meet people for the first time, while in the photos you appear more friendly and relaxed? that might be it

  • Yes its possible. Pictures are so deceiving. The angle effects it, the lighting, everything. It doesn't necessarily mean you look ugly or less good looking, but Its different for sure.

    • Thanks! That made me feel better! Maybe I just misinterpreted 'different' as 'worse'.

  • Yes and also the other way around. I've been told I look better in person tha in pictures.

    I know a couple of people who look way better in pics than irl. I also know some people who look ugly in pics and pretty irl. So it all depends.

    If you want to see yourself more accurate, videotape yourself :)

  • It is absolutely possible and, if they know their "good" angles for the camera, quite probable. I very rarely look as good in person as I do in some of my favorite selfies, at least imo.


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