Someone with dying hair experience? Dying it tomorrow so please answer?

I am dying my hair from virgin black to dark/chocolate brown. So i avoided to wash my hair for 4 days.. to let my hair become a little greasy, So should i use a blonde color once or brown color many times to it to become brown? Which one is worse, stripping your hair color at once with blonde or stripp it little by little with brown?


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  • I've dyed my hair several times, once including accidentally going black so I'm pretty familiar with how to best add colour to really darker shades similar to what you're describing.

    Dying your hair blonde at once is more damaging to your hair than brown, as the lighter you dye it the more hydrogen peroxide there is which is the chemical that ultimately does the damage. If you do it just once or twice a year though, it shouldn't really make a difference in how healthy your hair looks.

    Also, black is the hardest colour to dye over. Keeping that in mind, if you want your hair to go chocolate brown I would use a brown hair dye a few shades lighter than what you want it to end up as.


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  • If you dye it with the colour you want, the exact nuance of brown, you will not see many changes from the first dye. After 2-3 it's complete. I'd never dyed my hair using blonde to get the color i want because it's really hard to know the exact time you need to stay with the substance in your hair so it will come the colour you want. And it damage your hair pretty bad.

    • So how long do think i should wait between every dye? Can i dye like twice the same day?

    • Hmm. Normally you should wait more but i think like 1 month is not going to be very bad. If you dye your hair again after so short time it's going to damage really bad.

  • A little by little is less harful for your hair. But how will you do it? Are you going to a hairdresser? Are you going to do it yourself?

    • At home, i save like 1/4 of the money now that i am doing that at home. The hairdresser i personally prefer when i get my haircuts would charge like 200 for just dying it.

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