What's up with the general hatred of fedoras?

I've been wondering this for a while now. Seems like fedoras have been getting hate from both the media and the internet. Am I the only person that loves them?

I have a friend who always wears fedoras and he looks great in them to me (he does dress pretty classy, though, which goes along well with the hat). But I think a fedora overall is a very classy hat. What's up with the hate?


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  • Because guys who wear them instantly think they become executives pussy slayers as soon as they put one on. They also believe that other men are subordinate to them since they aren't "gentlemen" by wearing one.

    • What about girls that wear them?

    • They're screwing around, obviously. No woman ACTUALLY wears a fedora. When's the last one you've seen one?

    • I've seen women in fedoras when out and about, a lot of them wear really casual clothes with it though so it doesn't look good.

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  • I love them, but i love the flat rim ones though.. And akubra hats, and sun hats with the big flat rims OMG! 😋💃👒


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