Girls: How Can A Guy Make The Best First Impression?

What do you look for in a guy?

What qualities do you find attractive?

How important Is a good job?

How important is "game"?

Looks? What turns you on? Tats, piercings, smoking, "game", personal style, what type of humor, height, build, cockiness, confidence, hairstyle, individuality...what do you like?

Please be brutally honest.

Thank you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Let me start off by saying every girl is different, just like every guy is.

    Turn offs for me would be:

    -Smoking, that's a deal breaker for me

    - Long hair if it's greasy or unbrushed

    - Arrogance

    - Excessive swearing

    - Lazy

    Turn ons would be:

    -Taller than me




    -Knows who he is

    I mean there are a lot of different factors that go into whether or not you like somebody, and sometimes you can't really help who you like.

    It doesn't really matter to me what a guys job is, if he's happy then he's got a good job. I would rather date a guy who worked at a gas station and loved it, than date a guy with a corporate job and big bucks who hated it.

    Most girls who are looking for a good boyfriend just want someone who will be there for them. Just be yourself and girls will find you attractive.

    • Can you tell when a guy has "game"? What does 'game' mean to you? I don't think I have this 'game' thing because I can't fake emotions and stuff but some of my friends have 'it' and they're no better than me xcept for this.

    • Sorry I really don't get the whole "game" thing myself. What I guess I caught the most from your questions was how you said you don't think you have game because you said you can't fake emotions. A girl doesn't want a guy who can't be real or be himself around her. Tell her how you feel, guys say they don't like when girls play games, and girls don't like that either. Sorry if that's not what you meant but I might be able to help if you give me a better definiteion of "game"

    • There seems to be an awful lot of talk these days about "game"; you know that VH-1 show "The Pick Up Artist" where loser dudes are pimped out and "taught" the language of "attraction". These techniques are primarily geared towards sexual the name of "attraction". Have you heard of it? It's supposed to make girls really want the guy though she may not herslef know why...That's the "game" I'm talking about...thanks for your answer!

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  • I think the one thing that would attract me to a guy would be his confidence. Even if I do not think he is cute or like hihs clothes or hair or teeth or anything. If a guy came up to me and introduced himself I would feel cool with him. But do not get this confused with cockiness! Guys who are cocky are a HUGE turn off to me!

    • Confident about what? Someone can be competent in their job and be quite confident about that....but not so "confident" around girls...maybe even a little shy. Do you mean like someone who can "stare you down" type confidence? There's also "quite" confidence where he's secure in themself but not "outwardly" confident...Guys like that (like me) don't go for the first move usually. I'm super confident but not aggressive...know what I mean?

  • the only single answer to this is CONFIDENCE.

    when you first meet someone, lets face it you have to have an oompf about you...and you gotta be a tad cocky and play hard to get, only INITIALLY when you are strangers...yet give eye contact and display a smile to show interest...

    then you build on from there, and if you run into her frequently, or have class together, or work in the same place, whatever it is, then you can start by introducing numbers, get to know each other...

    but the hard to get to familiarizing yourself with her transition is what does the job...otherwise you just seem average, too easy, desperate and not worth the chase...

    • So you're saying average guys who are easy and desperate are not worth the chase...funny those are the exact traits that guys like in girls!

What Guys Said 1

  • I'm not a girl but I still know what many women like.

    Women want a guy that's confident yet not arrogant.

    They want someone that can make them feel safe, secure and a guy that's not needy. Trying to please a girl all the time is a sure attraction killer. A mix of cocky and funny is also often good. Be true to yourself and don't get a tatoo, piercing or whatever just because you think some girl will like you better for it. Most women prefer a genuine man...

    Just my 2 cents...