Black pants and white shirt make a guy look shorter or taller?

I'm 176cm and this is normal height in my country but I don't want to look shorter than what I'm now.
If it makes me look shorter what shirt color would be good with black pants?


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  • black pants and a white shirt wouldn't affect your appearance by much. It depends on whether there are vertical strips or horizontal ones, even if they are very thin. vertical stripes will make you look taller and slimmer (therefore, more attractive) while horizontal will make you look shorter and wider. Even where the shirt meets the pants counts as a horizontal line but it will not outright affect how you look. It also depends on the little things, like the collar (is it a v or a crew neck) and whether it's a button shirt or not (which, by itself, shouldn't affect anything either).


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  • To be honest, it depends on the person looking at you, and it depends on the style of shirt and pants. If its just talking in general, Personally, I would choose that having black pants and white shirt would make a guy look shorter

    • Im sorry Im not sure about a plain colour that would make you look taller. Maybe grey?

  • I'd say it makes him look shorter.


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