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Why is it that girls get quite sensitive about being seen in their underwear but they don't mind showing off their body in a bikini?


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  • A bikini is made to be seen in in public (so to speak), its what its designed for.

    Underwear is a lot more personal and I guess can be more revealing depending on your style.


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  • I've noticed mostly north American girls have this problem. If you go to Europe, or elsewhere they view a bikini top as the same as a bra, hence why they're more open to nudity.

    I'm Indian and most Indian people don't really understand why people in the US proudly show off their bikinis, but when it comes to walking around in bras and panties, it's a no no.

    A thong is different, since your butt cheeks are hanging out.

  • Because thongs and bikinis are different.

    • What about the top half of the bikini and a bra though? Aren't they the same?

    • In a way yes, but a bra is a more intimate item. If you see a girl walking around in a bikini top than I can tell you that she is not sensitive about showing their body in a bra. If a girl is uncomfortable with her body, she will wear a tankini or shorts and a tee shirt in the water and will not walk around in a bikini.

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