Help me dress my age? (I am 20)?

Age: 20
Height: 5'2"
Dress size (US) : 6
I keep getting mistaken as younger , usually 15/16. Back in March of this year I got as young as 12. I do not believe I look very young because people on campus often think I'm 22-24.
For example , when I came to my University's homecoming game, it was raining so, I had a school hoodie and jeans on. A group of players' pre-teen sisters attempted to ask me to hang with them and were taken aback when I said I was 19 and said "Sorry ma'am."
I wore this with a black leather jacket and heels once when a lady thought I was 15 at the grocery store. I bought the dress in the women's section. This is just one example of some of my clothes, I don't know if it looks "too young".

I need a store that caters to my age maybe? or outfit ideas.

Poll Question, is 20 too old to wear graphic tees? As in movie, tv show , DC/ Marvel comic, or band tees as casual wear?
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  • No, I see no harm.
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  • Some people are just horrible at guessing how old someone is. I'm 20 myself and I've had plenty of (older) people think I'm about 16, People my age seem to realise I'm about 20.

    Also I think you should wear what you're comfortable in, I try not to care what others think of the way I dress.


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  • I never knew people actually WANTED to look older, this the opposite of a problem for you.

  • Your never too old for band t shirts.

    • Neat! Also, is that your final comment or do you have any tips so I can look older? Thanks!

    • Well, my girlfriend looks very young as well, and there isn't too much she can do about it, I think she looks older when she wears make up, when she has visible piercings, she has a tattoo that makes her seem older.
      Looking young isn't really a good or a bad thing anyway.

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