Have you ever felt like Pep Le Pew?

I can admit this is how blind I was in my first relationship. I felt like Pep Le Pew. For those of you who don't know who Pep Le Pew is, he is the Skunk from the Warner Brothers cartoons that chases the cat named Penelope Pussycat.

He is passionate about love and aggressively seeks it out. Penelope Pussycat is always running away trying to avoid Pepe. He will hug her and she will push away and try to squeeze out of his grasp.

Sadly, I was so blind that I stayed in a relationship just like this for a very long time. I even began to watch some Pep Le Pew cartoons and thought it was cute. I was able to relate the cartoon to my relationship, but for some reason it didn't click in my mind that something was wrong.

We eventually broke up and then it became so clear to me. This girl did not love me like I loved her. There was a reason I was chasing and she was running. Unfortunately, it took about 3 years to figure it out.

So now I ask you,

Have you ever felt like Pep Le Pew?

Have you ever felt like Penelope Pussycat?

*typed explanations are always appreciated*

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  • Yes, I have felt like Penelope Pussycat
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, I felt like him after a serious sauna. Thank god for body wash. :)

    On a more serious note, yes, definitely early on in relationships I'd have a few Pepe Le Pew moments where I would try to shower the girl with way too much passion or try very hard to make things just perfect to the point of it being an obsession.

    Eventually you learn to take it easy, to slow down, and to let things develop at a more natural pace since some of the best things in life only require a bit of nurturing and care.

    As for the why, I can honestly say it was because I was afraid that it would fail or not work out if I didn't do everything right or a certain way while being oblivious to the fact that in the process it was only making things worse.

    • Yeah I agree with your assessment. I have been in situations like that before. I find that I don't want to hold back the way I feel so I express myself. By doing so I guess this can scare some girls off. But why?

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    • Ok so in this case I can agree. I myself need to accept that this is the way she is. Although, it does make it hard to determine her feelings for me. I mean it is one thing if someone doesn't just come out and say "I love you" all the time, but it is another thing if a person is feeling down and says "do you care? " and the person will not give a response.

    • Because believe it or not some of us are actually afraid of commitment!

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  • Argh, I'm Penelope. I feel like a relationship will smother me, it's why I'm afraid of them. Guys that I like and that like me back will try to get close to me and all I can do is push them away or try and weasel my way out of his grasp.

    I may even want to be with the guy but I just can't. It sucks.

    I feel for the guys too. I try to warn them, and tell them that they really shouldn't even want to get involved with me in any way. I have hurt so many guys and I warned every single one of them. I dunno it's all messed up.

    • Wow I'm interested in what you are saying. You would push away a guy even if you wanted to be with him? What goes through your mind when you are making this decision? I really am curious. :)

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    • You wouldn't by chance be a Sagittarius would you?

    • I'm a scorpio actually.....it's a blessing and a curse ;)

What Guys Said 1

  • Sometimes I feel Pepe Le Pew had is much easier than I do. I can't get a woman to love me unless I pay her for it! My problems are not bad odor like poor Pepe, but everything else adds up: short, old, black(mixed), not rich, not handsome. You name it. American women have been very harsh on me, my dating score is not higher than a 4 in this website. The whole sexual harassment thing simply eliminated my courage to approach women when I would ask just about anyone for a date. So personally, my lack of success with women is very similar to Pepe's.

    The one exception to that has been Asian women. I have enjoyed far better success with them and any other group. Go figure? I suppose it helps to understand Chinese and Japanese.

    • Archer, there is no such thing as paying for love... Sex, yes, love no. Don't take this the wrong way but seeing as you are harder on yourself than anybody else, do you think that your low self esteem manifests itself when you talk to women? Women in their 30s tend to have a ringing sensation in their ears which is caused by their biological clock so they made up their mind as to what it is exactly that they want and they have little time for anything else... no self-confidence is a big no-no.