What is your first impression?

What would your first impressions be of a girl who usually wears skinny jeans (sometimes colored and patterned) with loose or baggy tops and shirts, she wears Dr Martens and although average height is quite slight in build, her hair is long and wavy?

This is for a project, honest opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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  • Honestly? I probably wouldn't notice such a person in a crowd. Most girls in my school who have some sort of self esteem issue dress like that. (No offense, its just the trend.) And that is a lot of girls.

    Doesn't really stand out to me.

    • Thanks for an honest answer, its interesting you bring up self esteem issues.

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    • That can be part of it definitely. Most of our generation doesn't date for fun anymore- which probably is a major factor. If you don't hang around guys, you won't know how they think, and are more likely to be insecure about what they think about you.

      Equally, if I didn't talk with girls, then I wouldn't understand them at all, and would be more insecure around them than I already am. (Haha, yeah, lets be honest, I can't read girls at all. But at least I acknowledge the failure.)

    • Haha, I think we all have that problem. There is definitely a lack of understanding between genders.

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  • She sounds attractive to me. :)


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  • It would depend on what they wore exactly. From the general description, I'd say a hipster. If they wore nuetral and dark tones it would depend on they're accessories, and makeup. If they had boyish accesories they'd remind me of a beautiful friend I had from high school who would strike me as a punk rock kind of chick. If they had dark makeup, maybe some studded accessories, and/or black hair I might see them as a goth (similar to one of my friends from middle school). If they wore a lot of pastels and floral prints, I'd think they were trendy since vintage is popular right now. Trendy people would probably be preps or people seeking attention, but others may just like the look. If they're hair was brightly colored and they wore bright colors with maybe some black they could possibly pass for scene.

    Personally I find my appearance very important. People always say that it's what's on the inside that counts, but how is anyone going to notice that if they're put off by your appearance? And, style is a way to express who you are and find people similar to you. You can't really get away from style either; even if you wear tattered clothes and look a mess, you'll find people that dress the same way, and you'll still judge people on style because the human brain automatically classifies things. Despite my opinion, I do try to get to know people because I understand not everyone shares my opinion and I never insult someone because of how they look.

    • Thanks, you make some really interesting points, particularly about not being able to escape having a style.

  • That she is a person.


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