My room is so ugly! Help!

Okay, I am a 16 yr old girl and I literally hate living in my room. I know I could like it with a lot of work.
So my walls have no paint or wallpaper on them so its just some ugly, blotchy, green, white and caramel smudges all along the four walls. My dovet is very kiddy and I've so outgrown it :D and the carpet is an ugly grey color. BUT i do have a sorta wooden furniture thing going on but then again half the wood is peeling off them! ugh.

My parents always SAY they will get my walls done but... they have been bare for i can't remember how long! probably 7-8 years. I know its not fair on them, there's always other bills to pay.

In my room I have..
- A wooden set of drawers
- Beanbag
- Bed
- TV
- Desk
- Bedside table

But I would rather just start again without spending too much if thats possibe :) :)

So my question is...

How do I re vamp my whole room! Make it worthwhile to live in and to stop myself being embarrassed to invite my friends with their posh and stylish rooms over?

I need some stylish girl advice!


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  • It sounds like you could have a lot of fun doing up your room, I have just re decorated mine and I barely spent anything. You could start by painting your walls, I think that usually white is the cheapest color and depending on how big your room is you wouldn't need more than one can. If this isn't an option you could always put up posters and photos of you and your friends, or even make a feature out of your walls by drawing on them and personalizing them with doodles and song lyrics, although you'd probably have to check with your parents first. You could also update your furniture by either painting it or decoupaging it using photos and magazines (personally I think this could look really cool :) ) Pintrest is a great place for ideas and DIYs that don't cost the earth, when I updated my own room I used old photo frames and chicken wire to make pin boards, (an idea stolen from Pintrest) and it didn't cost me anything as I had both things lying around my house, obviously they aren't things everyone has an abundance of but the idea is the same, use what ever you have and update it or remodel it into something better :)


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  • anon that's so rude, I can't believe you just said that ! Rooms have feelings you know. I really think you should apologise otherwise things might get awkward. . .

    If you think it's that bad just put up a lot of posters


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  • I'd say paint the walls and get new sheets - that will make it heaps better. Look online to get DIY/inexpensive ideas and go with it.

    Ask your parents to buy the paint supplies and help you do it. Read up on how to do it. Maybe say it can be your bday/xmas present (to cut costs). I'd suggest a neutral white or cream, just because it opens up the room and allows more flexibility in colour schemes.

  • For an inexpensive solution I would just paint the walls a neutral color, change the sheets, and put a few nice but inexpensive posters or photo collages. You can also put some fake plants on top of the dresser and bed side table.

    You may also consider rearranging the furniture in your room. It can make a huge difference. Ask your parents to buy the supplies and help you. You can make it a weekend project project with your family.

  • PINTREST! Just look-up bedroom on a budget for a lot of cheap DIY decorating and space-saving/organizing ideas.

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