GAGers! Which shampoo do you use?

title says it all!! GAGers... which shampoo do you use? Concerning me i use Garnier Ultra Doux avocat et beurre de karite (avocado and shea butter).. i love the smell of it just like the way it moisturizes my curls and i use its conditioner too<3.. and you which shampoo do you use?</a>


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  • I know I'm going to get shit for this, but I don't use shampoo or conditioner. None. My hair just gets washed with water.

    For the first month when I started (couple years ago) my hair was super greasy, but then I guess my body got back to its "natural" level of grease in my hair and it doesn't look greasy or feel weird at all.

    I've had people ask this a couple times in real life and when I say I don't use it people act like I'm lighting up a cigarette inside or something. Guess I'm bizarre.

    I prefer it, shampoo does unnecessary damage to your hair in my opinion. Instead of smelling like peaches, my hair just smells like hair.


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