Ladies, how do you like your man's body to look like?

Skinny, slim, toned, athletic, muscular, built with big arms, abs, big shoulders, what is it?

Can you describe what kind of man body normally catches your eyes and desire the most?


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  • I prefer the tall, lean, muscular look. Not too big as in mass like a body-builder, but big broad shoulders, with a much smaller waist. Extra points for defined abs, I'm a sucker for those.

    I don't think it gets much hotter than Brad Pitt in Troy.

    Also attracted to:

    • seems like most ladies prefer the lean muscular look you talk about. Most buff guys you see out there dont even do it for the girls. They do it to intimidate the other guys and shoo em away.

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    • Since I know most girls can't do much about structure so im not too picky on that. The only thing that can be done is work those thighs to where theyre thick enough to grab and not feel like a twig. Fat on thighs for most part are sexy. Skinny, almost bony thighs take away from the curves a lady is expected to have so naturally im not into it. I prefer a girl with above fat % than a skinny thin girl any day. I just love feeling a girls softness.

    • Thanks for the feedback :)

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