We have work and school, but its okay to make time for tv!! Whats some of the hottest shows you watch at the moment?

I literally have a schedule haha!!!

Sunday- Total Divas 8:00
Sunday- Kardashians (now off)
Saturday- True Blood (now off)
Saturday- Power (now off)
Friday- Funniest Wins (now off)
Friday- Americas Next TopModel 8:00
Friday- David Tutera 8:00
Thursday- Jane the Virgin (not started yet)
Thursday- Vampire Diaries 7:00
Thursday- How to get Away... 9:00
Wednesday- Mysteries of Laura 7:00
Wednesday- Blackish 8:30
Wednesday- For Better or Worse 8:00
Wednesday- Stalker 9:00
Wednesday- Hollywood Divas 9:00
Tuesday- Awkward 9:00
Tuesday- Faking It 9:30
Tuesday- The Flash 7:00
Tuesday- Manhattan Love Story 7:30
Tuesday- Selfie 7:00
Tuesday- Bad Girls Club 7:00
Tuesday- Happyland 10:00
Tuesday- Degrassi (now off)
Tuesday- Marry Me (Coming Soon)
Monday- Are You the One 9:00
Monday- Love&HipHop Hollywood
Monday- Teen Wolf (now off)
Monday- BETs The Game (now off)

Other shows I watch include Mike & Molly, sometimes Gotham, Days of Our Lives, The Real, If Loving You is Wrong, Instant Mom, and reruns like: One Tree Hill, Felicity, Different World, Girlfriends, Martin, Good Times, 7th Heaven, Facts of Life, Jamie Foxx Show, Cosby Show, and Dawsons Creek.

Unfortunately a lot of my showtimes interfere with one another so then I have to catch up on the rest On Demand


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  • Gotham, The Flash, and Arrow Monday through wednesday? Yes. YES please.

    • Lol the premiere of The Flash is on now!! But I'm missing it for the premiere of the new Bad Girls Club season. Ima catch Flash tomorrow tho On Demand.

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    • I never saw the Lois and Clark show with Dean Cain. Honestly Lana was more beautiful, but I liked Lois better. She was more like the friendly, joky girl who you can be best friends with. She could be annoying, but I generally liked her quirkiness. If it were me, I'd have picked her too

    • Did you see Jane the Virgin? I didn't think I would care for it, but it actually seems pretty good

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  • You should watched Switched at Birth, you'd prolly like it judging from your taste, its good. Also no more 7th Heaven sug! Scandalous..

    I watch pretty much anything on Netflix and Hulu. I really like breaking bad, desperate housewives, once upon a time, orange is the new black, all kindsa stuff

    • Yea I hate they took away 7th Heaven. And Switched At Birth and Once Upon A Time are my moms shows lol

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    • No she taped him admitting to it actually. You can hear for yourself if you google it. Its really disturbing.

    • Oh dang nvm

  • I watch Friends and Fresh Prince at night.
    Also if I see Threes Company or The Nanny on, I'll watch that.

    • Lol all them my throwbacks!! I watch those too!! Including Full House, Hey Arnold, All That, Step By Step, and Blossom

  • Hahahaha Netflix baby cakes. But to be more specific, arrow is really good, death note, house, lost.

    • Omg looooooove LOST!! I watched all seasons of it on Comcast Xfinity On Demand. Lol and you say "baby cakes" too? I love sayin that haha

    • Didn't like it at first but then it sorta of grew on me. Referring to both lost and the phrase baby cakes. Lost started out so strangely I just couldn't get into it until the character development turned real solid. I loved the story about the two brothers. And as far as baby cakes, the girl who turned me on to it is sorta of an ice queen but I did take that phrase with me cause I just straight up enjoy it.

    • Lol okayy and okayy

  • Um who is we?

    • Those of us who go to school and/or have jobs yet still make time for tv

  • I just started Pushing Daisies and I love it! It hasn't been on air for a while, but it's an amazing show!!

    • Lol I remember when it used to premiere on ABC Family righht after Secret Life of the American Teenager. I hate the Vineyard summer show got canceled too

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