Do you like inverse belly button piercings?

I'm thinking about getting this done and I wanted to hear guys AND girls opinions. Should I get them done at the same time? Any tips? Any stories? Good or bad? I find it really pretty and I really want this done, but I'm still iffy about it, so I want to hear from everyone.
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  • I looooove it !!! :)))
    You should do it. It's so sexy !!!
    You need to stay in shape tho !!! It wouldn't be as good looking if get a fat belly !! Lol or pregnant !!!

    • Lmao I wonder how does the bottom one stay in if you're pregnant!! Like I know the top one you can get specialized rings for it but I have no clue about the upside down one

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    • I'd say do it at the same time and get done with it !!! You know it's a lot of trouble, you might deal with infection and nasty stuff like that for a while until your body gets used to the alien object. So you don't wanna go thro all that twice.

    • You're right. I'll get them done at the same time

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  • I am not into piercings in general but I guess that one is okay. Just avoid the kinds that completely hang and swing from your belly button. I think those are really unattractive.

  • I like them as long as you don't have a big fat gut.

  • No thanks.

  • Don't like piercings, esp nips.

    pretty cheesey

  • Yes! I love the double belly button piercing. I'm getting mine done in January and I'm getting my nipples pierced at the same time.
    I think if you're gonna get it done between now and February would be the best time because a bellybutton piercing can take a really long time to heal and you don't want to not be able to go swimming this summer

    • Should I get it done at the same time? Or would that be bad?

    • I researched it and the only problem I found with getting both done at the same time is that the bars might touch each other if they're long which you might find a little irritating. Oh and if you get a lot of piercings at the same time (or a tattoo or something) it might make you lightheaded, but when I got my last 4 piercings the lady took really good care of me and bought me a soda and everything so you should be fine!
      Although I recommend getting someone else to drive because it may be uncomfortable sitting up straight when you get home. I'm not sure I've never had a bellybutton piercing done

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