What is your opinion of Tyler, the Creator?

Just like the question says.

He is the de facto leader of the rap collective Odd Future, has directed his own music videos, composed his own albums and pretty much done a shit ton of stuff for only being 23.

I don't agree with some of his views, but I admire his DIY ethic and the change he brought to rap music (which apparently he's leaving now).


Loved hearing all these different opinions. Any others?
Thoughts from @BertMacklinFBI or @Sparrow24 ?


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  • Fuck Bill O Reily.
    What the fuck I look like getting offended...
    Yeah to many cuss words lol.
    I don't agree with the violent messages in his song, but I realize they're just his fantasies cause he's a fucked up kid lol. I do enjoying listening to him ranting his feelings his songs tho lol.

    • I always get a lot of shit for telling people that I like his music (because people think he's crazy), but you're right, most people don't realize that's it's all made up crazy fantasies and not an endorsement of said behavior. Obviously been through some shit in his life.

      "And we don't fucking make horrorcore, you fucking idiots
      Listen deeper than the music before you put it in a box, Wolf Gang"
      - Tyler, the Creator "Sandwitches"

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    • IFHY is crazy as well, it's almost not even a rap song. But once again, I love that. OF is the group that introduced me to the concept of "alternative rap" and weird ass beats and subject matter other than money, bitches, weed.

      Even OutKast, one of my favorite rap groups ever, just isn't as wild or out there as Tyler and OF. Maybe it also has something to do with him being my age, so it's easier to connect to/be impressed that someone who's 23 can do so much and be successful.

      I usually don't pay attention to celebrity news, but I've looked up almost everything about Tyler because he's my favorite. In this June interview with Larry King he pretty much says it all:

      Heard him say it somewhere else that he was done rapping and wanted to move onto directing films, but can't remember where.

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • First impressions of him, I didn't like him at all. He came off as annoying and I didn't like his music.
    After seeing a few interviews of him and watching his show loiter squad, I developed a soft spot for him lol
    While I still don't like his music, he is pretty funny.

    • Agreed. Came on way too strong when I first saw him, but warmed up eventually.

      Think his music is crazy interesting, even if I don't agree with a lot of the particular messages. Rather shocking sometimes, to say the least.

      Don't think I'd get along with him as a friend in real life, but I do admire his work ethic and variety of art.

  • @CommieDearest, is this all true?

    (Sorry folks, insider stuff.)

  • I prefer the weeknd and childish gambino but he is definitely very creative and scares me sometimes haha

    • I had never heard of The Weeknd before this, thanks for introducing me!

      Childish Gambino is ridiculously clever and creative, just hope he doesn't jump off a bridge soon (dude seems so depressed lately). "Because the Internet" was so fucking phenomenal I couldn't believe it.

      I'm going to see Tyler in December in ATL so we'll see how crazy it gets.

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    • Hmmm... I'll definitely go check him out as I love new music, especially new rap!

      Tyler, the Creator can be kind of hard to get into unless you've heard a lot of his stuff before, so I would say start with his newest album, "Wolf" and work your way through his earlier stuff if you dig it.

      His earlier stuff from when he was 17+ is really shocking and talks about rape and murder and all sorts of crazy stuff so it's not exactly something you put on to leisurely go to the grocery store or with friends. But "Wolf" has a lot of weird tracks that you could show to people and not have them worry about your mental state.

      You can listen to Wolf here if you don't have anywhere to download it:

    • Oh interesting! I'll check it out! Let me know what you think of the weeknd :)

  • I hear his name a lot but still dont think I've ever heard one of his songs.

    • He's decently well known now, but he was usually publicized a while ago for his perceived "homophobic" lyrics (he says words like "faggot" and "bitch" quite a lot) despite the fact that he has quite a large gay fanbase and one of the rappers in Odd Future, Frank Ocean, is an open bisexual.

      Basically a lot of his music is quite shocking and provocative, especially if you don't listen to his explanations of his art or try to follow the different made-up story lines of his albums.

      His most famous song (and video) is "Yonkers," but is by no means his best:

      He released an album called "Wolf" on April 2 that is vastly different, but still quite odd. He's a complicated/weird dude.

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    • Ah. Makes sense. Can't remember the last time I only listened to AM/FM radio.

      Well, the Internet is always a fascinating place to discover everything. Happy trails!

    • Lol im probably the only person who still listens to the radio when in the car. Everyone else plays a CD or plugs in their MP3 or phone

  • I really like the song Yonkers but other than that I don't know since I've never really heard any of his other ones.

  • i dont fuck with his music but im proud of him. its all love lol

    • No problem, I'm sure he'll keep composing if eventually you wanna listen. Interesting stuff.

  • I really dislike him and his music is weird but he is funny.

  • Don't like his music.


  • Not a fan of him but I don't hate him.

  • That's it's weird I don't even know what's he into been seen to many videos and thinf doing and saying weird things lol

  • I have a friend that both looks and acts exactly like him. He's hilarious in moderation annoying in excess just like Tyler he even has the same exact lisp.
    I really like Tyler though I think he's funny and cool. I'd love to hang out with him and I respect what he does, but too much is just like ughh..

    • Interesting. There's a girl who works at my local post office who I swear looks just like the female version of him. He does come off a little strong, but I suppose you have to be assertive if you want to get your art out there. Most people aren't.

    • That's true. He probably wouldn't have made it mainstream if he weren't so crazy. You have to be Childish Gambino or crazier nowadays just to be able to get anywhere. I mean look at Nicki Minaj!

    • Sure. Not a fan of Nicki Minaj, but I guess Childish Gambino is a fair comparison. Both are insanely artistic.

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  • I've never even heard of him, maybe I heard his music somewhere but I would have never known it was him hahaa. no opinion for now lol.

  • First off he's fucking hilarious. His music however is very hit or miss with me. I either really like it or it does nothing for me really.

    • I do agree that he's got a great sense of humor. To be honest, a lot of his music is depressing or shocking, especially his early stuff (Bastard, Goblin). I can't understand a lot of what he must be going through (growing up without a father, being famous at 23, being black, being on the fringes of a music genre), but it's damn interesting to listen to and digest.

    • It really is, his lyrics are generally pretty solid but some of the times it just doesn't sound good to me. Not the lyrics just the piece as a whole which pretty much ruins the whole thing for me.

    • Definitely not the typical "bass, drums, beat" rap style that has become so synonymous with the genre. But that's what I like about it. Just fucking bizarre sometimes. Not for everybody.

      Although he's apparently done rapping now and moving onto directing films, so perhaps soon he'll have something that you'll enjoy more.

      Certainly an Odd Future.

  • He's the type of guy I want to hate but can't since he's so f**kimg hilarious.

    • Definitely get that vibe sometimes. You want to hate him because he's so expressive and out there, but I just end up envying his "don't give a fuck" attitude. Seems to have gotten him pretty far.

  • 0|0
    • Hahaha, him and Hopsin are always compared. Nothing wrong with a good parody, but for some reason I could never get much into Hopsin.

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