Hey girls, could you give me your opinion on this?

You know that hoodie - jeans look? I was wondering if you like that style on guys. I'd wear them with blue, black, or gray jeans and nice shoes. Here's a picture:

That's the closest I could find to what I was thinking of. Maybe not a Polo Shirt (unless that makes the outfit better). Or how about this (without the ripped jeans):


Thanks. I need to change my style because I think I dress too sporty and need to wear those types of shirts/hoodies more. Does it actually matter what guys wear?


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  • Yeah, I like the whole hoodie and jeans combination. Make sure they look nice on you though.
    In my opinion I think dressing nice only matters a little. As long as you dress nicely and look put together, you're fine.


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  • i think both outfits are appealing

  • Tbh I don't really like either of them

  • My boyfriend (before he was my boyfriend) just wears athletic shorts and a t-shirt or like under armor t shirt pretty much every day. Five months after I started dating him, a couple weeks ago he asks me "should I get some button ups?" He has no sense of fashion and just throws on whatever. I don't really care what he wears, I just care about him.

    • That's what I feel like right now. Thanks for your response.

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