What Tattoo's can sweet my hand :/?

I got beaten up with a knife in my left hand and I still have cicatrices :/ I want to hide that beaten with a sweet small tattoo does anyone have some Ideas about that? I can't make surgery to hide it :/


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  • Assalamualaikum,

    I wouldn't do a tattoo and I advise against it cause that's gonna be on you forever regardless if you like it or not. Well I also don't hide scars cause I go with the what doesn't kill you makes you stronger mindset so I'll not hide the scars lol.

    Also I don't think a tat will hide the scar fully and have seen some who've regretted cause ink bleeding made it look worse and they were then stuck with ink bleed tat showing scar even more.

    I would say to not do the tat, rather look on other non-permanent things that can mask it or things that can help it heal.

    • Thanks for most helpful, by the way if you need to talk or have any questions or anything you can message me.

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  • Pick your own tattoo but go and speak with an artist who has experiencing inking over scars before making any drastic decisions. A tattoo will not hide a scar completely and depending on the age and kind of scar, it can make the ink bleed and/or potential make the scar appear even worse- it also won't hide textures.

  • Not exactly an expert, but tattoo on a scar doesn't sound like a good idea...
    Rose stems that trace along your scars maybe.


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