Guys: Which type of clothing do you prefer on a girl?

I know a lot of guys have different views on this topic, so let me know what you think :)
  • A girl who dresses in sweat pants, T-shirt, etc. not afraid to be herself
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  • A girl who always dresses up for everything, looking her best.
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  • Yeah pretty much whatever she wants really. Although she has to look comfortable in it, so like loose clothing just looks so nice, I just want to cuddle up to them :3 Also I love skirts, long and short (although not too short because then it's just weird). I like dresses and such, too, but it looks, just, I don't know just not casual enough maybe.


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  • I prefer girls who are like B.

  • Literally doesn't matter what you wear as long as it isn't an extreme (and you are reasonably good-looking)

  • Not trying to give you a shitty answer but honestly, ANYTHING, except granny knickers, look good on a girl.
    It's the truth.


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