What would you rate my bragging ego I got an A on my quiz and a B on my unit 2 exam and B on my lab 2 exam?

Here's a picture please comment on it I welcome insults too I just want attention positive reinforcement or negative


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  • Good job! Are you a high school or college student?

    • College thanks for the compliment :) does that make it more impressive? Also There were only two students in my class who got a B and I was one of them nobody got an A.

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    • omg that's my first MHO! thank you so much! <3

    • Haha yeah no problem :)

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  • "I just want attention" Wow dude, your like the only person on here who's got the balls to admit that XD Bragging's generally not a good thing tho, being proud of your accomplishments is. Whether your grades are good depends on the class average and your subject average. Like, some people might consider 80% in math an awesome grade, for me it's basically failure XD

    • Haha thanks yeah I am a pretty honest person and don't have a really big ego. This was for Anatomy and Physiology 2 so its a pretty high level class :)

  • Depends on what your standards are. Personally I'd be ashamed of a B but my friend would be celebrating it. So it depends.


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  • It's just school. There's not really anything to brag about


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