How perceptive are you girls?

Solve this Mystery:

You go out on a date with a guy that you met through some friends at a bonfire a couple weeks back. He takes you out to a restaurant that you're both familiar with and both really enjoy.

Afterward you both decide that you're not tired and agree on watching a movie at his place. Upon arrival, he spends a gratuitous amount of time in his room trying to find the DVD you wanted to watch.

You tell him it's alright with you if you guys watch a different movie. However, he cannot seem to find any of his DVDs and has also misplaced the remote to the tv in his room.

You two eventually end up settling on using the TV in his the living room and borrowing one of his roommate's movies from the collection in the living room and you both generally end up having a pretty good time.

But back up

What's happened here?

My friends and I were discussing this concept last night.

Do girls even pick up on these things?

A lot of you were very close, inquiring about why he couldn't find any of the things in his room, but strangely no one hit it right on the dot. The observation that was to be drawn from this situation was subtle, yet far more obvious than you'd think.
THE ANSWER:Knowing that he was going on a date, the guy followed routine precautionary procedures.HE CLEANED HIS ROOM for the first time in a LONG time, hoping he would be getting LAID.Unfortunately, he can't find where he put any of his things.


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  • Okay you said 'who said that she's not in his bedroom' so ...I'm so lost right now gahh!

    Okay. So that means the girl was in his room the whole time or at some point in time while searching for the movie? (you know this shows how much differently the female and male mind think and work ! D:<)

    Now...did they ever watch the movie? OMG! WHAT GENDER IS THE ROOMATE?!?

    Shizzz... was the dude cheating?!?! but the girlfriend wasn't there? no no no...that''s not right.


    okay so it says he searched for things...

    but does he have a dvd or TV? no the only one there is the one in the living room! XDXD oh yah uh huh I got ittt.. no no that's not it. NEXT!

    Okay soo...

    He doesn't have a roomate does he? You said his place then all of a sudden added in the roomate. He was searching for dvd's and the tv control but there wasn't one in his room in the first place... so then he came to the living room where the actual dvd's are. So he ssaid he had a roomate to make her more comfortable being alone with him? Yet she doesn't know that she's the only one with him at the time? D: is it right? I have a lot of guess...

    • A lot of good guesses. You're on the right track

      Alright, I'll play devil's advocate.

      Who's to say there isn't a DVD player in his room, hence why he would keep DVDs in there?

      Who's to say his roommate's even home?

      No one looks for a remote in a room with no TV. Who's to say the remote's not just misplaced?

      If you weren't already comfortable with a guy, you wouldn't go to his house in the first place.

      You're getting there, dear.

      Just consider any small things wrong with the picture.

    • Awww... GOSH! I thought I had itt....T.T okay..time for some brain storminggggggggg!

    • Just try to think of all the things that don't quite make sense. Nothing should go unquestioned.

      I'd love to drop you a hint, but I'm afraid I'd give it away.

      I WILL give you confirmation when you're getting hot, though.

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  • Ok I'm really horrible at this kind of thing but I want to try...

    He likes her a lot, so he "misplaced" all of his dvds and the remote so he could spend more time with her? I mean they went to a party, then out to dinner and he still wanted to hang out.

    That sounds stupid;I don't know but I'm so curious!

    • Lol, no hun. but keep trying.

      I like how you're thinking.

      As I've told everyone else, think deeper. It's not so obvious.

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    • Haha wow I would never have thought of that! thank you for raising my awareness...

    • Lol, no prob.

      You mean you never enter a guy's room and realize that he's totally prepared his room for the possibility of sex? I guess girls really don't pick up on that kind of stuff.

  • If he couldn't find any of his DVDs, why did he spend a gratuitous amount of time looking for a specific one? I even close?

    • It's difficult to say, but keep inquiring.

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    • I have no idea. I bet it's really obvious, isn't it? lol

    • Yes and No. It's really obvious to any guy who's been there before.

      But it's not something that a girl would immediately think to figure out.

  • Um, apparently not very perceptive at all, because I don't really understand what you're asking.

    • It's not something you'd really pick up on at all if you weren't apprehensive to begin with. It's not an easy question.

      My friends and I reached the consensus that girls don't really pick up on this kind of thing at all in most instances.

  • What happened is he has nut stains all over his sheets and forgot about it! However, when he got home he remember and now doesn't want the girl to see. SO he must get her in the living room some how and her mind off "why doesn't he want me in his room or damn he lives like a pig"

  • Um...I'mkind of thinking in the gutter! okay. So...he went up stairs to 'look' for dvd's when he was actually ~GASP~

    masturbating so he'd have a less chance of getting aroused by having the girl in his room?

    And so he used that as an excuse, but ending up in the living room anyway just to play safe to make sure they didn't have sex so he wouldn't scare her away or something?

    THIS IS SO RIGHT! RIGHT? say yes say yes. D:probably not..I'll probably be trying to firuge this out alll night!

    • I like that you're thinking into it.

      But what makes you think you're not in the room with him when he's looking for his movies.

      I never said anything about that.

      Some of the information is important. Some is irrelevant.

      But you're definitely on the right track.

    • AWWW! gosh I'll get it! just watch!! justtttt wattcccchhh!

  • Lols! I can't find anything off base about the scenario... I tried, to think something up, but to no avail. I even decided to let my older brother read this to see if he could figure it out, but he has no idea either. :P

    • As you look at the information presented, you find that much of it is irrelevant. You'll have to sift through it and find what actually matters. For everything, there is a reason.

      Do not, however, make assumptions on information that is not presented.

  • He could be nervous because she is there with him, and maybe he needs time to tell himself to chill out. Or I could be wayyy off. lol

    • You're thinking.

      But I never actually said that he even stepped away from her for one second.

      Think deeper, hun.

  • Yes I did. As you can see from my first answer.

  • He goes in his room like that because he wants you to come in there so he can have sex with you.

    • And I didn't even read the updates!! bahahahhaahaha. check me out! I know this sh*t

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    • You only clean your room when a girl is coming to your place? And only because you think she'll have sex with you if it's clean?

    • Lol, no. But I know a lot of guys who do.

  • It's not true that all guys want is sex. Even when you know each other like they did. Two people can have a good time together just by doing something else.

    • That is a very good point, love.

      But it's not necessarily what's discrepant about this particular situation.

      In fact, I'd go so far as to say that your assertion is a counterargument to the situation at hand.

      If that's any form of clue at all.

  • He never wanted to watch a movie in the first place. He wanted to just get to know the girl, but she kept insisting on a movie so he had to borrow a movie from his roommate so that she wouldn't know he was lying about not being able to find any thing.

  • Maybe it wasn't even his place. Like it was a friends or something so he thought the DVDs would be in his room and his "roommates" DVDs were actually that persons collection of them.

    I don't think that's right though because it doesn't make sense.

    • Well, far fetched as it may be, continue your train of thought.

      Assume that it really is his place.

      What other explanation could there be for his inability to locate items in his own room?

  • I honestly think that really, it'd seriously depend on the guy...

    • That's plausible in theory,

      although you weren't actually provided with any specification as to what it is you're trying to figure out.

      What, might I inquire, would seriously depend on the guy?

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    • Argh

      This is what I get for having no relationship experience.

      He's being nice because he wants sex later?

    • Are you sure he's not just being nice because......that's what you do when you're on a date?

      That's not quite discrepant. Consider the information presented. Some of it's irrelevant. Only a bit of it is actually important.

  • I'm going to guess and say that the guy was trying to get the girl to say let's forget the movie and have sex instead. I'm not 100% sure.

    • You're definitely on the right track. But no, sweetie.

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    • The guy tries his best to make the girl happy. He spent a lot of time trying to find the movie she wanted to watch. When he couldn't find it he still tried to come up with a way to keep her happy.

      I hate these types of things because I can't stop until I figure it out.

    • You're a thinker, love.

      It's confusing, because I never stated that you were trying to find the moral of the story.

      But I find it nice that you instantly find the positives in his actions.

      But no, that wasn't it. Keep trying.

What Guys Said 2

  • The guy's room is a f***ing mess and they have too many televisions.

    • Lol, well no. Not quite. But Don't give it away. I want to see if the girls will figure this one out.

      The guys already know what's up.

  • Well, I'm a guy and still don't get it. Maybe he just doesn't want to watch that movie?