What do u think of my Halloween costume?

So im an 18 year old guy and im going to a huge Halloween party this year. I have to admit i enjoy dressing up like a girl sometimes so this year i want to have some fun so im going to dress up as Avril Lavigne, in her Hello Kitty music video. The costume i will be wearing is on my profile pic, the girl in the black dress is Avril, and thats the costume.

This is for fun, but its not to make fun of Avril either, im going for realistic. Im going to shave my legs, do make-up buy wig.. etc. We are gonna try to find close if not the exact costume so it will be more realistic. My sister will help me with it as well. Its gonna be soo fun. So what do u think about it?


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  • Seems kind of too much, i went as a girl once wore a wig spandex and a bra but i usually just go as a life guard or a cave man or something, it makes me shake my head when people go all out like that but if you like it go ahead.


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