Homecoming Attire for Guys (Matching Colors)? Thanks!

So for homecoming... She already picked her dress as this
Except with this color
Im actually kinda broke right now but I love her and don't want to come off as cheap. I already have a decent tux. So Im thinking of getting a burgundy necktie.

-So what should pair the dress with?
-Not including the tie, should I include white at all, or full black, or mixed.
-What do you think I should wear, any options in the poll or any tweaks to them? (Each article, Burgundy necktie, black vest, white collar shirt, black slacks...)

-Any other suggestions?

I attached a poll below with examples.
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I just wanted to know since this is a semiformal homecoming for high school. So I was wondering classy 2 and 4 or save those for prom and go with something modern like 5? What do you think I should wear?
And yes this is high school lol...


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  • I would say the first one because its classy, but if you want to have some sort of thing that makes it obvious that you are together, maybe the fourth one? But I'm not too keen on the 2nd and definitely not the 3rd... but the 5th one is also quite modern... Just some ideas. Hope this helped :)

    • Thanks this really help out

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  • I think option 2 is great. Just wear the tux you have and a white shirt (you would most likely have) with the burgundy tie. Nice outfit that won't empty your pocket. The black tie doesn't even look too bad, but the tie matches enough.

    • Thanks for the opinion :)

  • black suit, white shirt, burgundy tie. for sureeeee.
    ok wait wait i just saw the grey one and i LOVED that even more. grey suit instead, white shirt and burgundy tie. so damn classy! :)

    • Homecoming? Or save that for prom?

    • oo... well thing is if ur saving a grey suit for prom, u need to make sure ur wearing it with an amazing colour, like lavender or lilac [light purple] ... unless ur wearing the same colours to both, idk.

    • thanks!

  • Aren't you a little old to be going to homecoming?

    • lol those were just pictures of people online

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    • Asked, yea that's true, but I changed mine to a real one after I was old enough.

    • Ok everyone I KNOW has their real birthdays on Facebook. Are you 14 or something? Who even uses Facebook anymore? Lmao you' and your friends are weird. You're not nearly important enough for people to stalk you. So pathetic that you and your friends have fake birthdays tbh.

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