Its Rip the Runway: Jeannie in a Bottle Style haha. Yea korny I know :D lol but who's really rockin the denim to you? I want all these outfits!!!?

Guys feel free to join in by choosing which you wouldn't mind your girl wearing :-)

Keshia (denim print sweatpants)

Erin (denim jacket/jean)

Zendaya (denim overall and shirt)

Selena (blazer and denim ripped pant)

Jessiann (denim jacket and pant)

Becky (tyedye denim skinniez)

Model #1 (denim shorts with the boots)

Model#2 (denim shirt and pants)

Model#3 (ripped pant)

Model#4 (denim overall short)
  • One of the Overalls (Long/Short)
    Vote A
  • Jean Shirt or Jacket with the matching pants
    Vote B
  • Ripped Jeans
    Vote C
  • Denim Sweatpants or Tye-Dye Skinniez
    Vote D
  • Denim Shorts
    Vote E
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I want Keshia's sweatpants, Jessianns full outfit, Becky's burrito shirt haha, and I basically have Selenas outfit (just gotta cut my jeans)


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  • Model #1 outfit is the best

    • I do love her shorts with the boots. In the Summer, You see that jus about everyday here in the South

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