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There's this guy that I am so amazed by but I don't think he could ever forgive me. He was in love with me when I was 14 & he was 16 but I didn't date him because I was in love with someone else. He obviously became bitter & stopped pursuing me. Then he continues to date my friends & eventually find himself a serious girlfriend. He tells me 2 years ago that he would dump her if I went out with him & things went well. So I did, & he was a total ass. We flirted but it didn't go anywhere. Well, I hadn't seen him since. I've lost30 pounds since then & I saw him 2 weeks ago. There was this spark just by looking at each other.. & now I hear he broke up with his girlfriend last week.. & I'm gonna see him at a party this friday. What should I do to hint that I am definitely into him without being too forward? & how should I dress? Help me! I'm really shy & distant so these things are really difficult for me :(


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  • KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

    Don't complicate this. Make sure you're on speaking terms, get his number, ask him out.

    This is really, really easy if no one gets weird.


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  • yeah, just don't be nervous and pretend that the past never happened.

    be yourself, be confident and you'll do fine!

    good luck =]

  • dress sexy but not trashy and just bump into him a couple times and smile and give him eye contact...if he is not a dumbass he will get the sign ;)


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