Do you think smart-watches will affect the overall value and appeal of luxury watches?

I love luxury watches. I think they look really nice and although they are expensive, I think they are worth it. Recently I saved up for a really nice watch that I want to buy but I am holding back because I am worried about smart-watches. Will luxury watches go out of style? Will they become useless and only good for the material with which they are made? Smart-watches offer features that normal watches simply cant.

For example, do you think it's a waste of money buying a nice rolex now?

I am not going to use the results of this poll as advice, I am just curious what other people think.

  • No, (normal) luxury watches will always have their place.
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  • The value will be affected and they will go out of style.
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  • The value will be affected but they won't go out of style.
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  • They won't go out of style but the value will go down.
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  • See answers.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I personally find the smart watches to be very unattractive.
    I hate that futuristic fashion --- and I categorize smart watches that way.

    I love a nice traditional classic watch on a man.
    Very very appealing.


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What Girls Said 3

  • not now... the effect has been made by cell phones... the watch lovers especially the luxury watch lovers can never switch their style and prestigious demands... in fact last week I bought a new customize Rolex from RSD watches NYC...

  • WHat luxury watches have value and comfort, does not have smart watches.
    Check here:

  • I think that classic watches won't never become old-fashioned because it's an attribute of style, luxury, good taste. And people will always want to have good expensive accessories.


What Guys Said 1

  • They can keep their futuristic star trek watches I will always wear the classics over tech any day. Call me old fashioned but I watch prefer the classic watch my grandfather used and took to work everyday until he died rather then a computer strapped to my wrist.