Do you think smart-watches will affect the overall value and appeal of luxury watches?

I love luxury watches. I think they look really nice and although they are expensive, I think they are worth it. Recently I saved up for a really nice watch that I want to buy but I am holding back because I am worried about smart-watches. Will luxury watches go out of style? Will they become useless and only good for the material with which they are made? Smart-watches offer features that normal watches simply cant.

For example, do you think it's a waste of money buying a nice rolex now?

I am not going to use the results of this poll as advice, I am just curious what other people think.
  • No, (normal) luxury watches will always have their place.
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  • The value will be affected and they will go out of style.
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  • The value will be affected but they won't go out of style.
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  • They won't go out of style but the value will go down.
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  • See answers.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I like to believe we now live in a day and age where technology is now a tool and not a fashion or luxury statement. People still buy Porsche 911s because they are fantastic sports cars, and not because you can get adaptive cruise control and back up cameras.

    I see the gentleman of 2015 donning his Apple watch for the morning workout and upon completion and dressing for the day's business or leisure he clicks the clasp shut on the Rolex / Patek / Panerai / IWC
    And enjoys the luxury of a durable quality piece of engineering.


Most Helpful Guy

  • They can keep their futuristic star trek watches I will always wear the classics over tech any day. Call me old fashioned but I watch prefer the classic watch my grandfather used and took to work everyday until he died rather then a computer strapped to my wrist.

    • Yea u have a watch for time all that other stuff can be done on a phone

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • I personally find the smart watches to be very unattractive.
    I hate that futuristic fashion --- and I categorize smart watches that way.

    I love a nice traditional classic watch on a man.
    Very very appealing.

  • WHat luxury watches have value and comfort, does not have smart watches.
    Check here:

  • not now... the effect has been made by cell phones... the watch lovers especially the luxury watch lovers can never switch their style and prestigious demands... in fact last week I bought a new customize Rolex from RSD watches NYC...

  • I think that classic watches won't never become old-fashioned because it's an attribute of style, luxury, good taste. And people will always want to have good expensive accessories.

  • There’s always a place for a luxury watch they look so much better than smart watches on a suit


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