Can I wear skin-tight shorts on (over) the running tights?

Is it normal to wear super mega skin tight running shorts on (over) the running tights? So will look like kinda Superman. Im 21 year old skinny guy.
I wanna go running with teen guys. Can i do this without people thinking it´s weird or public press?


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  • i live in a cold city so people do it all the time, its common and no one cares really

    • Well lucky in your country. Never seen anyone else like that in my country even thro my country is also cold. So it´s totally okay turn into Superman? :)

    • absolutely!

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  • I don't judge people who do that, it's just doesn't look very good, slightly awkward even. I think wearing looser shorts on top would be better. But whatever, who cares what people think, as long as you're comfortable and you feel fine with what you're wearing you are all good :)

  • I don't quite see the purpose of that, but do whatever you like.


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