Why when you say light makeup you put lots of makeup?

i am 14 and i never apply anything, but i watched few videos to how to apply light makeup and i thought light makeup means some eyeliner and lipstick and sometimes eyes shadow but it turned out to be more than that.
do i really must apply foundation and blush? what if my cheeks are red already? why do i need to apply foundation and then put blush?
also what if i don't like much makeup but i want to put very little.
any advice?


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  • You only have to apply foundation if you have existing skin problems. For a 14 year old mascara, eye liner, and a little lipgloss is fine (I wasn't even allowed to wear ANY make up when I was 14)

    • i don't think i am allowed either, and i don't want to but i want to try something different sometimes, because i kind of get bored of wearing jeans all the time and i would like to try something different

    • Even now that I'm 19 the only thing I wear is concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and lipgloss so you should be fine with just a little mascara and lipgloss (that's what I wore when I was 13-15 and used to sneak make up lol I got in so much trouble I would always wash it off as soon as I got home so my mom wouldn't yell at me like that episode of the Cosby Show).
      But yeah foundation is bad for your skin anyway especially if you don't wash it off at the end of the day so stay away from that until you get older. Just wear a little something to bring out your eyes and lips for now

    • i will. hahaha your mother would yell at you like that episode of cosby show hahahahahahah you made me cry of laughter!

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  • i just wear mattifying sunblock and sometimes lashes and lip gloss

  • That's because you don't know the rules you need to follow for a fine makeup. For me, a basic makeups is moisturising cream, foundation, powder, blush, lip balm and mascara.

    • what if i already have red cheeks? why should i use foundation to cover it then put blush? and what if i already have long eyebrows? doesn;t really make sense to me

    • Foundations is for uniformization your skin colour. It also hides skin problems. Powder keeps the face dry. Blush is not essential, but I am a brunette so i need it. The mascara makes your eyelashes more longer.
      If you don't understand this makeup thing, then don't use it. Or you use it correctly , or don't use it at all.

  • All I do is put a little mascara on and colour my eyebrows in. Sometimes a bit of concealer. Don't wear anything else if you don't need it. I literally just wear that because I have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows.

    • i think i want to try it. only give it a try because i don't like makeup but i don't want to not try anythign

    • Yeah try it but experiment at first before you consider making it part of your routine. See what works best, you don't have to do the rest. Blending is the key to making it look natural though.

    • yes... do you have any tips to how to apply cute makeup like that?

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