What would be a good time to have surgery on my nose?

I'm 17 and there's a bone in the upper area of my nose that is at a slightly bent angle resulting in a small effect on my breathing (blocking airflow) and a bigger section on my nose when looking at me. The reason it annoys me it makes my nose look bigger especially when you look at me from the front. Do you think I should have a surgery in a year or so or wait?


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  • I'd say if you have lived with it this long, you can wait until you have stopped growing which would be around 20 -25 years old. then have the surgery needed and live a happy life. lol

  • Well, if your having trouble breathing & it gets worse, then maybe you should do it sooner. If your worried about missing school, then maybe over the summer. Its really up to u.

    • It isn't that much effective on my breathing it blocks one of my nose airways but it can get REALLY annoying if combined with the common cold :( problem is I have school in summer too I'm free for only 2 weeks and am afraid of class mates making fun of me.

    • I mean I dont think there will be any special certain time to do it. I mean your class mates are going to see u always anyways, even if ur in the school year or summer. If u wait a year it will be no different, unless u dont do summer. If anybody says anything just say you did it for your health & if they make fun of u, then their just jerks. Unfortunately Some people are just rude & there will always be someone whoose got something negative to say, it just depends on how u handle it, which is just ignoring them & knowing that your getting ur nose fixed for you, not anybody else. :)

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