Has anyone found any good deals at a thrift store? Best find?

I found a place in LA that has an Obey shirt for $9. Express For Men tees for $7. Love finding good deals. Found some weird tees $2.


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  • legit flannels 2 for $4.
    oh and sun dresses for $6-7

    in LA too :)

    • Check out Society of St. Vincent de Paul in LA. Behind Chinatown. Found lots of stuff there like Neff watches, Ski gear, bindings, snowboards. Some of these items are overstocked and retailers just want the tax write offs. Some still have labels. Big place like a warehouse! They have mixed used and new items. I believe there is no sales tax too.

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    • Your welcome.

    • Savers in Arcadia is also good. Just fyi.

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