If you'd need to dress the worst dressed guy or girl in the world, what would you put them on?

Sometimes the worst dressed people in the world get elected, generally from a shortlist of celebrities.

So, if you'd have to dress either a guy or a girl to meet the criteria for the worst dressed person in the world, what would they wear?

This for example is faaaaaar too much textile for me! Sorry mylady but... I don't like the potatoe bag look.


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  • lo and behold... the credit card dress :p


    • Oh my goodness! I know Americans like their credit card but... this is the biggest turn-off I've ever seen :-)
      Are you that classy girl on the profile pic? Or did you borrow a face? For Antarctica I would dress warmer @Harakiri!

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    • It is! I'm glad you shared it with me :-)
      Bonne journée Harakiri. That means: have a nice day!

    • thanks, you too :D

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    • Oh my goodness, too many cute outfits for my eyes...
      I got a headache now and we both know the cause hahaha :-)

  • Woman: Orange fake tan, fake long nails, ugg boots, see through leggings, a thong, a crop top and a neon jacket.

    Man: Huge baggy jeans that the croch is sagging, his boxers is showing, wearing a deep v-neck blouse

    • Oh my goodness... they're close in the contest for the most horrendous look!
      Didn't you describe a typical guy here hahaha?

    • Maybe.. Many men wear baggy jeans but few look good in them. Only those under 20 that are too thin. Boxers showing is tacky. Deep V-necks are pointless in men. They don't need to show their chest for women to look at them.

    • Haha, I admit recognizing myself in your description... though not as extreme :-)

  • CROCS.

    and a Weezer tee.

    *shivers in disgust*

    • Haha, I had to google for "Weezer tee" but... having seen it... I agree!

  • A nice pair of trousers or jeans, and a taylored shirt a long with cool loafers

    • Haha, when I googled for "loafers" I got pics from not-so-cute girls shoes... so I suppose the look was for girls?
      What does the comment "patatoe" mean? I eat "potatoes" and I know there used to be a GAG'er with this user name... a nice girl from Portugal. Do you mean that's you?

    • I was describing a guy's attire. I can imagine loafers looks ugly for women.
      Singular Potato has no e 😳

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  • I guess this is pretty easy, I would start with cross-dressing them and then will go on to mismatching things. Also, lady gaga's meat dress is the worst dress I have seen. Despite that it will smell bad, it looks really disgusting too. So, I would go with meat dress, lol

    • Hahaha, let's bet what he will do when he has a run in his hose!
      Or what she will do when she discovers the pic of that other girl in the pocket of het costume jacket :-)
      Hahahaha, that was a GOOD IDEA you had there!

    • Lol, he running his hose, omg, that would be some sight. I would say it would be hanging wanging, lol
      Lol, tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2evybv7&s=5#.VD4dd2eSxi4
      Lol, thanks

    • Oh my god, that pic... in a Bond movie she'd be called "M" for sure.
      What a turn off. I'd run away and hide if she'd show signs of attraction. Or for one time, I'd go shopping with her and change that style hahaha :-)

  • Pass the arms raise test (wear a t shirt and raise your hands up, if your stomach is visible, too small. If it's a sliver, it may pass)
    Wear jeans that fit (not skinny jeans for men, unless they are well built, aka, not twiggy)
    Have a body that compliments their attire.
    A pair of Guess shoes.
    No makeup, pure beauty.
    Can rock a beanie and a pea coat.
    Doesn't need a beanie and a pea coat.
    Can make a jacket look manly and a sweater look innocent.

    This is for men. I'm bored as fuh.

    • Oh my goodness. I let my imagination work and I see a circus artist looking for...
      ... a job!

  • Way too much blue, my eyes! They burn!


    This one looks like she hunted down the only unicorns in existence ripped off their talk and wore them as a sign of dominance.


    I don't even know what the fuck this is...


    • *tails* not talk

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    • I'd be tempted to pop it like its bubble wrap :p

    • Meeeee tooooooo!!!

  • If you remember "Starsky and Hutch" that last movie, that attire that Snoop Lion wore with all that fur like a pimp! Now that would be funny! It works in movies and costume parties but not in RL.


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