If you had to choose between the ease of men's fashion or the choices of women's fashion which would you choose?

Is it easier to deal with fashion as a man or a woman?


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  • Easier to deal with men fashion

    Women: we have to consider the cut of the shirt, the length of the pants (and cut) to the type of shoes. Lets add on the right type of jewelry for that cut of shirt (lets not forget if its long sleeves or short sleeves) then whether or not having the right colors at the right amounts. Jackets... what length is the jacket? color? fit? I can't wear a short jacket with a floor long dress. Take all that and add in patterns and material. Also, knowing when to mix match patterns.. Next add on the hard question "what is my style" Would a punk type gal wear frilly fluffy pinks?

    Oh and we have to consider what event our outfit will be suited for. It seems men can dress up whichever way they want and if women do.. they may be deemed as "overdressed".

    and one more, what under garments?


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  • If you think men's fashion is simple and easy, you're clearly not paying attention. There are a plethora of options available to men, for all sorts of situations.

    Yes, we can easily choose to ignore all of those options, and stick with jeans, t-shirts, and businesswear, but women can easily choose to do that too.


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  • Men's fashion for sure. So many clothes for girls are just uncomfortable or unpractical.

    Though I wish men would put more effort into how they dress. Worn out sweat pants and T-shirt are subpar

    • I never considered comfort when I was wright in the question... I suppose if had to wear a bra all day that might factor in... also body type I suppose... I guess walking a mile in heels may effect your point of view... :)

  • It's true that men choose to dress in a simpler way compared to women and don't fuss about their appearance too much. That may happen due to the fact that men genetically don't care so much about their appearance, or because men are more visual while women value confidence more. When I was a teenager, I chose the ease of men's fashion. I was always wearing pants or jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, converses and jackets. I was wearing make up often and I did my hair though. Still, as a result often people thought I'm a boy and I did not have as many dates as I'd like to. That's not so flattering.. Since I turned 18, I dress differently. I always make my hair and wear make up, I dress in an edgy, but distinctly feminine way. I consider women's fashion fascinating! It's a game of colours and mixes and patterns. It shows my personality and enhances my beauty.

  • A man! My brother's twin sister & I will raid hia closet for junk. We never have anything to wear.


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  • I'd probably choose women's for the more options, but I would still dress pretty simple most of the time.


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