Halloween; Haven't the costumes gone too far?

Now before all my fellow men tear my virtual limbs off I ask that you think for a second, we have all seen sexy cat or sexy nurse at some point and liked what we saw, but don't you think we have crossed the line once you see sexy baby (no seriously). I don't know what it's like for the rest of the world but here in the U. S we have sexy jellyfish, sexy shark, sexy tree, sexy bee, sexy flower, sexy dinosaur and I am pretty sure i am forgetting some but the point is enough is enough right? lets put some creativity back into holloween, whose with me. :D
  • Your an Idiot and I am still waiting for sexy fire hydrant.
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  • You have a point but I like it too much to stop it.
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  • I agree one hundred percent, my costumes are always original.
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  • What was that about a baby?
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  • I'm just a fence sitter, results plz.
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  • What planet are you on dude? Until we see five year old girls walking down the street in a g - string and corset we will not have even progressed to the point of being close to full sexual freedom.

    Get out of the way or get stomped on you racist homophone trailer trash buck tooth uneducated terrorist ammosexual!


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What Girls Said 4

  • i think its incredibly sexist how sexualise women are; even for something like a spongebob costume, a crayon costume, a cheshre cat costume?? its ridiculous! its fine if a women decides to wear that, thats cool, but we should have the choice of the costume that isnt the sexy version. we are sexualising women more and more its crazy

  • Rule 36 ;)
    Personally, I keep things classy myself because I'm well assured that dressing like Stripperella isn't one of the best tactics to find a keeper.
    However I still find it sexy/cute to look at.
    And if guys started trading in their banana outfits for let's imagine... a sexy banana. Huhu Then I surely wouldn't mind looking either!
    Holidays are about enjoyment. Even if I don't pretake in certain customs or trends I will never knock others down for wanting to bring out their inner naughty ladybug for a night!

  • Yes. It's very sad. After all it is the devils holiday. They just encourage it.

  • I get tired of all the store costumes...


What Guys Said 2

  • Halloween ain't scary anymore like it should be, and really lol, stores putting up early Christmas decorations during the holiday, Santa has NO place in halloween!

  • I don't celebrate Halloween :)


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