Do you know the name of the fabric that's used for thin, "airy" shirts?

The fabric is somewhat see through, its light and i think there are some crop tops made with this thin fabric? its kinda stretchy and is mostly associated with womens apparel


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  • Could be jersey knit, but that's not usually see through.


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  • Is it Pima cotton? Just curious.

    • its somewhat close to pima cotton

    • It might be a veggie based material they use now. Hmmm.

  • lycra, linen, muslin, rayon, silk

    • is this workout/sports apparel or casual dress?
      It is probably a synthetic blend of a few fabrics.

    • its just in the everyday casual attire. you're probably right about it being a blend. thanks :)

    • Probably a cotton/polyester/rayon tri-blend or something similar. They may throw lyrcra-spandex in it to make it stretchy or nylon to make it stiff.

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