Should she wear a dress or jeans?

Ok so me and my lover are planning this awesome hangout at my place!! We are definitely going to be making like crazy, im gonna be doing stuff like liftig her up and have her wrap her legs around me!! So i was wondering if she should wea a dress or thise high top jeans? Either are fine in my opinion i just wanna know which one would work better becuz we are gonna get pretty crazy i think!! So please just tell me your opinion and why u think that! Thanks in adnace for all the good answers!!!:)


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  • Girls typically only get dressed up, if you're going out. Why not make it a romantic night, and go out, then come back, if you really want to see her in her dress

    • Ok i could do that!! Thanks you i jadnt even thought of that!! We were just thinking if dancing and doing little house activities before hand but thats a good idea!!!:)

    • I mean, if that's what you were looking for... jeans can look great on a girl but I think she's looking for an excuse to dress up for you

    • Maybe true!! she's not usually the fancy girl and she wears long hippy dresses all the time! But I don't know its not to big of a deal!!:)

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  • Jeans, in my opinion, would be perfectly fine! She'd probably feel more comfortable in them doing that stuff with you, than she would in a dress ")

    • Hey thanks!! I appreciate the straight up answer and good explanation!!:)

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  • Well, dress would allow you to do her without even have to strip her ;)

    • Woa woa woa!!! Nobody said anything about sex!! ;)

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    • Wait. .. am I undertanding the question right?

    • I don't know if u are or not!! What is confusin to u?

  • Is this who I think it is? ;)


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