How can I improve my physical appearance?

Clothes? Add muscle? Shave facial hair? Haircut? What else?


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  • Well what do you look like now?


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  • Posture.
    Clothing for the type/sub-culture of women you want to attract. (I prefer professional dress, jeans+sportcoat)
    Stylish, well-kept facial hair. (girls will say they aren't attracted to facial hair--bullshit, lol. What women say and what's true often aren't the same)
    Classic hairstyle with trendy elements, but don't go full trendy.
    Add some muscle, mainly just don't be fat (don't forget to work your legs)
    Confident walk, feet should be shoulder-width apart (take a look around, you'll see most men walking like women, with their feet close together, nearly touching), and walk slowly
    Attitude (walk around with a smile--not a toothy smile, ever, a close-mouthed smirk)
    Strong eye contact.
    Lower you voice tone, learn to speak slower.

    Probably other things, off the top of my head, that should help.


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  • Watch Ryan gosling !!


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