Girls what do you think of my style/attitude?

Im 6'5sh, skinny but im eating good little street muscle. I wear expensive stuff but i sag my pants low or have my bulge show at times. I really dont care what people see to an extent but i still have standards. The more drunk or high i get the less i sorta care and thats when I've had my pants low shirt exposed a little maybe my briefs are showing with some bulge. is that sexy to u or u completely hate guys that do that?


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  • you're tall ass fuck lol im like 5'1 im mean everything else is fine just dont sag cause i dont think a lot of girls are into that but thats just my opinion lol its your fucken life & people are gonna judge you no matter what you fucken do lol & if you had a gf before what makes you think you can't get another one

    • im actually talking to a girl right now, trying to get her to let me in her heart. I've just been going through some changes and was curious bc a lot of girls see only the outside image of myself and auto think im nothing but bad news and will just use them bc of my mentatlity but thats not true

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  • I can't tell if this is a legit question, or extraordinarily lazy rap lyrics.


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  • I'd prefer a guy who has a little more self respect within yourself dude- & learn to respect your body

    • i respect myself and my body i just grew up without a mom

    • Oh geez, thats tough- maybe you just made some wrong decisions or something? Its never to late to do greater things in life, but remember life isn't about the smoking or drinking because that'll only lead you to stuff that are temporarily- remember that alright? Find your purpose in life- & go after what your dream is

  • I hate boxers showing. It's tacky and it's something only boys do, not grown men.

    • @sirendep I'm talking about the front showing. But u think it's tacky having a long thang and showing off?

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  • Share the pics please !


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